Reminder: Server update is coming this Sunday. And TRM are going away!

I’d like to remind everyone that the next server release is scheduled for this Sunday November 23. We’re still working on scheduling for the release, but it will happen on Sunday. Expect the MusicBrainz to be unavailable for at least 1 hour.

Also, please be aware that with this release the TRM server will be decommissioned — the Classic Tagger will then be officially deprecated, but it should continue to work — even without TRM support.

4 thoughts on “Reminder: Server update is coming this Sunday. And TRM are going away!”

  1. I am new to MusicBrainz and started with using MusicBrainz Classig Tagger and fall in love with it… now when the server is updated and Classig Tagger is no longer working I changed to MusicBrainz Picard and I hate that program anyway…
    It’s a way too complicated, complex 😦



  2. PS: Why isn’t it possible to continue the MusicBrainz Classig Tagger Project with the new server. I now tried all of you programs but they all suck (sorry)… 😦

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