Call for testing: November 23 server release

Murdos, Niklas, Luks, Dave Evans and I have all been working on the upcoming server release and we would like to invite you to help us test this massive release. Most of the features for this release have been debugged, but a few bugs are still outstanding.

The test server has been updated with all of the latest features and is ready for you to log in with your normal user account with the password ‘mb’. The list of features in this release is described in this blog post and this post.

Submit new bug reports to our bug tracker. Also see, the milestone for this release to see which bugs have been fixed and which bugs are still open. Please check the open bug list before reporting a new bug.

Thanks to everyone who helped take part in the development for this release!

9 thoughts on “Call for testing: November 23 server release”

  1. I can’t see 2007 there now, but it possibly did because originally there was a plan to do a small bugfix release at the end of 2007 to follow the October 2007 major release. In the end that release didn’t happen due to “resource” problems, in corporate-speak 🙂

    If, instead you mean “Server 2007-10-14” in the lists like and the bugs themselves, that’s because the “Version” field is used to track the server version that the bug was found in, or feature lacking from. This is useful when looking at historical bugs, as it gives developers more context about the state of the server codebase at the time the bug was discovered – sometimes things may have changed since then that make the bug manifest itself differently.

    Trac doesn’t have an explicit “version fixed for” field; instead the milestone is used.

    Is that what you were asking about?

  2. it’s been fixed now, yes…
    it said “which is scheduled for November 23, 2007”

    by the way, could you not put it on the MB home page that day? like “test our new server from today” or something… because I guess I’d forget it xD

  3. I’m sure there’ll be an announcement when it’s live, but obviously the team want testing before the release goes live, on the testing server at, so most problems can be fixed beforehand 🙂

  4. I’m unable to login: trying my login “greycat” with password “mb” just transfers me to the original page without logged in status. Other passwords fail with error message.

  5. it’s happened to me before…
    this worked for me: log out from the main server, log in the test server and then log in again the main one…
    I hope this help you

  6. fwiw, the problem is fixed now – the test site now uses a different session identifier. It still won’t remember logins correctly though, but logging in should now be painless and not involve cookie hijinx.

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