Discography, ratings, enhanced voting, dashboard, timeline and related tags now on test server

Murdos has been busy merging the various development branches into trunk — thanks for your work. I’ve updated the test server with the latest codebase. Come check out the latest new features:

(to log in use your normal log in name and password ‘mb‘)

We’ve got more bug fixes coming in the next couple of weeks. Also, the next server release has been scheduled for 2008-11-23. As usual, please report bugs to our bug tracker.

UPDATE: I had to clear everyone’s collections because of a bug. That’s fixed now — please start over again.
UPDATE2: Due to complaints by stodgy brits, Music Newz is now called Music News. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Discography, ratings, enhanced voting, dashboard, timeline and related tags now on test server”

  1. Cool stuff but I can’t help feeling like some of this “neat” stuff would be better received once we have worked out some of the kinks first.

    Ratings are fun, but they would be more useful applied to “songs” rather than “tracks” in my opinion. Maybe that’s just my opinion, but I feel like we do an awful lot of duplicate work when tracks are reissued multiple times. Release Grouping, Track Grouping, the Song concept would save us endless amounts of duplicate work (adding ARs, etc). Wouldn’t ratings be better if they weren’t split across 27 different issues of a particular song? Same goes for tags on releases.

    Collections and ratings are both cool features, but (I mean no offense to the creators) at this point in time I feel there are other services that do this better.

    Enhanced voting is great (and I’ve been using it for a while thanks to GreaseMonkey!) but the left column is still taking up too much room. The big orange box serves no purpose! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to horizontal scroll on my 1920×1280 monitor! And then I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to have a maximized internet browser when voting πŸ˜‰

    The Dashboard is interesting I guess, but I don’t see myself using it.

    Timeline is very neat. It’s surprising to see how much Open Edits spiked after labels were introduced!

    MusicNewz is interesting too I guess, but I don’t see myself using the information really. With 600,000 releases in the DB, I would imagine that the “Upcoming Releases” data changes too often to be useful. If this was limited to just my subscribed artists then maybe it’d be more useful.

    These are just my opinions and I give them so that hopefully they can be used constructively.

  2. new features are really cool!
    but I wanted to ask something about edits on the test server… I’ve submitted an edit through the test server and it’s not shown on the main server… (I think it’s the first time a edit logged-on the test / also, I had to log out from MB so I could log on test.MB)… how long does it take for the servers to “synchronize”?
    do you think it’s better if I edit through the main server?

  3. danBLOO:

    Only edit to test features — don’t do any actual editing on that server. The changes on that machine will be discarded. Any edits you care about should be done on the main server.

  4. Aaron:

    The Open Edits spike is due to introduction of Data Quality (the common voting period went from 7 days to 14 days), not labels.

  5. The interface for adding ratings is really slick, makes it a doddle. But wonder if list that shows all your ratings would be better if the tracks were accessed by clicking on the release they were part of with the release having a number next to it to indicate how many tracks in the release have been rated/total tracks because I think I woudl work album by album.

    Having a webservice for ratings is great but I find the current folksonomy tagging webservice that its based on lacking because you can only tag one track at time. Two RFEs have been raised against folksonomy tagging #3769 and #3993 might be worth considering wrt to ratings, although I know Mayhem had some doubts about changing it.

  6. Couple of requests:

    I’d like to be able to set release ratings from the Collection page so that I wouldn’t have to click through to every release.

    How about making some of those data nuggets (from Dashboard and Newz) available as RSS feeds?

  7. dkg:

    I’m seriously thinking of adding the RSS feeds, but I have some reservations about what they would do to our bandwidth. I need to come up with a good solution for that and I probably won’t have time for it this release. But the hard database work is done and adding RSS feeds can be done for the next non-schema change release.

  8. hey… I don’t if someone has the same problem…
    I had added my so-short collection since last blog and it was there until last night when I was checking the new features on the test server… but now, when I was rating a release which I had added to my collection it was just not in it… so I went to “my collection” and it was empty! (now I’m adding all again…)
    does anybody know why’s that? it seems like a bug…

  9. Looks great; haven’t had a chance to check the notes, but just wondering if autoedits are being stripped out from the Dashboard stats – they would seem to otherwise massively throw off the avg edit lifetime stat.

  10. @aaron: rating songs instead of tracks makes for sure more sense, but since we don’t have songs yet I see no problem in allowing rating tracks instead. When we introduce songs as an separate data entity we can still decide to move existing track ratings to the songs.

    All media players I know currently rate tracks instead of songs anyway (which is for sure not ideal).

  11. Brian: Good catch! I fixed it, but surprisingly the edit time only got two hours longer.

  12. I wanted to find out about the ratings feature but the link doesn’t work (any more?) 😦

  13. kraymer:

    The ratings feature is now live on the main server at musicbrainz.org. Just go to any artist, release, track or label to rate it.

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