Server roadmap: SVN branches

If you’re not interested in following server development as it pertains to our SVN repository, then skip this post.

Today, Lukáš, Oliver (acid2) and I had a bit of a chat, discussing how to proceed with branches in our SVN repository. The chat ambles along for a while, so I’ll recap our plans here:

  1. Oliver will revert some of the refactoring changes he has made to the TemplateToolkit branch, which throw a bit of a monkey wrench into starting new branches.
  2. Lukáš will merge the old 20071014 (current live) branch back to trunk and the start a new branch for my work on the next release.
  3. Lukáš will then port bits of the TT branch to trunk so that he can base his work for Release Groups on the object model work in the TT branch.
  4. Lukáš the proceeds to work on Release Groups.
  5. Oliver continues to work on TT, sans the refactorings.
  6. I continue to work the next release in my branch. Ratings, discography and enhanced voting will be merged into the next release branch, not into trunk.

This gives us the flexibility for each one of us to work into their direction and it doesn’t commit us to the TT branch. While all things point to TT being the basis for our next release, its good to keep our options open for now. I’ll post a follow up post once these branches have been properly put in place.

Thanks Lukáš and Oliver!

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