Help wanted for Dashboard and Data Display

I’ve been working on the new Dashboard feature that shows edit stats, hot edits, recently changed data and lots more stuff. Preview the Dashboard and let me know what you think! What other pieces of data should we add to this?

And, I’ve skipped doing proper CSS for this page — I suck as CSS and I’m hoping that someone will volunteer to do a better job of formatting the page and making it look pretty. If you have CSS skills, please let me know if you’d like to help!

Next, is the music newz page (formerly trivia) that shows upcoming/recent releases and recently deceased artists. I’m really struggling with the name for this page. Trivia is a terrible name and so is muisc newz. What should we call this page?

The CSS caveat applies to this page as well — but once the Dashboard gets an overhaul I can apply the same CSS to the data display page.

UPDATE: I’ve removed references to the poorly named suggestions for a reader in UAE.

17 thoughts on “Help wanted for Dashboard and Data Display”

  1. How about “Music (Industry)? Happenings” or “…Events” or something like that? I guess we need to distinguish it in name from stuff that is MB or edit specific, and what it’s really about, i.e. “stuff happening in the music industry that MB happens to categorize”.

    In terms of feedback, it looks good! Here’s some notes/ideas:
    – I think the edits stuff might be more useful/friendly if beside the edit it said the Artist the edit was for and/or the edit’s type?
    – I think “needs love” is ordered the wrong way currently?
    – How is “hot edits” sorted? maybe should also be reverse chronological by when they expire?
    – does average edit exclude autoedits? should it? (no opinion really!)
    – RFE: do you think a “recent group membership changes” trivia would be good? e.g. “Artist X left Group Y”, “Artist Z joined Group A”? Understood that maybe the DB has weak data for this at the moment, but could be interesting stuff :]
    – are we going to be able to configure how many entries we display on the pages? πŸ˜€

  2. Where does the word porn comes from in the first place ?
    This is bad to call a page with such a word in my opinion. It should be changed before google or webarchive cache it forever and disgustingly associate shit with MB project.

    IMO, it could be named by any other (even ugly) name but this one.
    Trivia sounds OK to me (but I am not an english speaker person).

  3. All the current data is time-based, so why not MusicBrainz Calendar/Timeline/Almanac/Event Diary/Event Log?

    I quite like the old-timey feel of Almanac:

    This way of thinking also suggests a couple of feature request: make this info available for previous time periods e.g. what was happening in music the week of your birth, wedding, etc. and make it available in coarser chunks, e.g. monthly, yearly (per decade?) as well as weekly.

  4. Jesus2099:

    Chill out, dude. I named it that so that people would get off their asses and think up something better. Sometimes I came up with names that I’m certain need to be changed, bu no one ever suggests something better. Non-Album Tracks come to mind.

    If you make the name worse, people will react. And they are.

    Its all working as it should!

  5. I kinda like the name ‘Data Porn’ πŸ˜‰ If that one doesn’t make it into the poll I’d go for ‘Almanac’ as well or a variation like ‘Brainz Almanac’ or simply ‘Music Almanac’ if you like. Nice find Dave! It catches it all.

  6. I like Almanac, but worry it won’t carry across languages very well. I don’t think it’s a very commonly understood word for the weaker of ESL speakers; but perhaps I’m wrong. Also, doesn’t it kinda imply a compendium of historical data, rather than some “recent factoids”?

  7. BrianFreud:

    First off, welcome back!

    Second, thanks for spotting the dupe. Now fixed!

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