Dump PayPal and go to Google Checkout?

The MetaBrainz PayPal account has become a testing ground for people to test stolen credit cards. We were constantly getting tons of donations (dozens per DAY!) of tiny donations at first. Then they turned to $1 donations. And now they are $30-$40 per piece. And each and every one of these gets challenged and the money turned back over to PayPal. In the process I get about 3-5 emails in total about for each of these donations. Plus it clutters our books with tons of useless entries that make oversight of the books a real pain. I’m really sick of this!

Google offers their checkout services and even offers special deals for non-profits — I would very much like to switch over to Google Checkout. Can you think of any reason to not dump PayPal and go with Google Checkout?

12 thoughts on “Dump PayPal and go to Google Checkout?”

  1. I think there are still a lot more PayPal accounts out there than any other payment system, so while it’s a pain, I wonder what kind of revenue you might be sacrificing.

    That said, I can’t think of any reason not to support Google Checkout. You might want to try supporting both for a period to do trial runs with Google before dumping PayPal?

  2. Paul:

    At the same time, there are plenty of people who would like to donate, but refuse to do business with PayPal. I wish I could easily quantify these two camps.

  3. Matt:

    The PayPal scammers have us pegged — I think only closing the account can help stop the fraud spam. PayPal seems helpless — I had a long conversation with one of their engineers and I’m convinced that PayPal is totally useless these days.

    But I have some ideas on how I can keep PayPal and use checkout — I have to consider all the options still.

  4. I don’t like Paypal, but with ebay it is the most common and Checkout is
    not very common.
    And when i want to donate a few dollars i don’t have to set up another account

    It is very difficult to give you advice what you should do

  5. I have you looked at Amazon payments? I expect a fair amount of our visitors will have an account at amazon already anyway. But I’m not familiar with the service from the POV of a developer.

  6. What are the requirements for paying with Google checkout? Paypal is widely known and used and offers quite a few options for transferring you money. Google checkout seems to be pretty new and they offer not much information on how the system works, but I fear it’s still a bit limited.

  7. Isn’t it a matter of time before Checkout will be abused as well? Are there still enough real donations coming in from PayPal? Supporting both might be a good idea to get more donations. Stop supporting PayPal is likely to decrease the amount of donations since it’s still widely used. I’d say go for both for a while. If the real donations from PayPal turn out to become ‘insignificant’ then stop using it.

  8. Simple: PayPal != Credit Card. In Germany, I can pay with PayPal directly from by bank account and a credit card is not that popular. Google Checkout is not available in Germany, so you’d miss out.

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