Help wanted: Add release AR links to Wikipedia

Wendell and Sergey from MusicIP have done another crawl of Wikipedia — this time the goal was to match up releases in MusicBrainz with Wikipedia pages that exist for those releases.

Just like last time the results have been broken into convenient chunks of 100 with the proper links to let people verify the matches and quickly enter them into MusicBrainz.

If you’re interested in helping, please follow the instructions on the wiki and jump in!


9 thoughts on “Help wanted: Add release AR links to Wikipedia”

  1. Be carefull with the reverse, some guys at Wikipedia don’t like that. I tried it once, immediatelly got a warning and found no way to discuss this properly. See
    It’s really ridiculous, since there is that Wikipedia MusicBrainz project.

    I for myself decided that this is not worth my time, I better spend it on MusicBrainz itself.

  2. I’ve added those templates to many artist and release pages on Wikipedia without being warned off or having my changes reverted.

    Some Wikipedia editors are suspicious of new accounts that go around adding links to a particular website (even when said website has open content and is generally agreed to be a good thing). If you had a larger prior edit history they probably wouldn’t have reverted the edits.

    If they want to revert links to MusicBrainz, they should justify why.

  3. I add mb-links in de and where I see good places, especially when the MB content for that entity is good. It gets especially difficult on discography and artist pages on wikipedia that are very good and well maintained. The maintainers are very suspicious with external links then. However, some cases took some time for the maintainers to accept it, but finally I succeeded everywhere, where I wanted to put a link.

    People don’t like IPs and new users at wikipedia, that only add external links, but when people are doing stuff on wikipedia anyways, they should add some links from time to time.

    I think it is a pity, that people invest a lot of time creating a huge discography in wikipedia, because most of the date would be kept better in a real database. Wikipedia is not a intended to be a database and because there is no strict scheme, you can’t parse the information nicely. Of course, there is nothing wrong with listing the albums and tracklist for album articles, but listing all the singles, with dates and labels, listing every tracklist that was available for an album ist just nonsense, imho.

    Slowly adding links to Musicbrainz and also to discogs shows many people that there is a better way to do discographies.

  4. I always add the following text to the edit summary when I add MB links to Wikipedia:

    Adding MusicBrainz DB link as part of Wikipedia MusicBrainz Project. See [[WP:BRAINZ]] for more information

    This lets editors know that it’s being done as part of a Wikipedia project and gives the link to the project home page.

  5. @James Henstridge: If you let me know what your WP username is, I will go back and restore those MB links.

  6. I usually just add the links… I’m not aware of any such addition that has been reversed, but then I usually don’t keep track of them either.

    @Matt Perry: I might just nick that edit summary off of you. 😉

  7. Mine were all reverted, but it probably was because I added many of those links in short time because I was working through one of our artist mb-wiki linking lists.

    Anyway, I’m fed up with Wikipedia.

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