Call for search server testing

After I gave some history in the last post, I’d like to put out a call for testing for the new search server. In moving from Lucene to Xapian I’ve fixed a number of bugs, some of which have been lingering for a while. Also see the list of bugs we still have open and plan to fix before the release.

If you have a pet-peeve bug that’s been annoying you, please check to see how our new Xapian test server is handling things now. (Please be patient with our the dev server, the box needs an upgrade soon!)

If you are a fluent speaker in Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai, please take a moment to look up some artists! We had some problems with searching Chinese text, but I think I fixed it, but I am not proficient in any of the applicable languages, so please help sanity check me!

Unless I find more bugs, this new search server will go into production sometime next week. If you find a bug, please report it to the usual place.

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