Google Summer of Code projects announced!

Google has announced which summer of code projects and MetaBrainz accepted three sexy proposals. A big, fat round of congratulations go out to:

  • Niklas Berglund, Music Collection: “This project aims to make it easy to keep track of new releases of your favorite music artists, and making it easy to see which of their releases you are missing in your collection.”
  • Oliver Charles, Port the existing mb_server code base to use Template Toolkit templates, “I will split the current Perl code base of mb_server into separate Perl files, and corresponding Template Toolkit templates. I will do so by writing some in-between bridge Perl code, and extracting existing HTML from the mb_server code into templates.”
  • Alexander Hupfer, Wizard for PicardQt: “New users often find that PicardQt is difficult to use or/and have problems to use it the right way. The wizard will solve both shortcomings by guiding the user through the necessary steps when using PicardQt including file import, library organisation and handling of duplicates.”

We’re quite excited by the applications we received this year — our experience from last year allowed us plan our approach better. We were able to quickly identify good students with proposals that we liked and help them along to make their proposals better and to have them fit smoothly into our plans for the next few months. Also from this you can see that we’re going to stick with perl for a while longer while we clean up the existing code base to make it ready for adding more complicated features drawn from the NGS proposal.

This is quite exciting! Thank you to Google for supporting us again and congratulations to Niklas, Oliver and Alexander!

5 thoughts on “Google Summer of Code projects announced!”

  1. This is awesome! Congratulations to all of you! I’m looking forward to a really interesting Summer with lots of coding buzz all around! =)

  2. A massive high five to Alexander and Niklas who I’m going to be working alongside in the upcoming months, and a massive thank you to MusicBrainz for giving me this opportunity 😀

    In regards to Philip’s question: I like to think so! While I won’t be implementing I18N or whatever when I’m doing my work (unless we discuss that at the summit – I’ve never done any stuff like that though) by having the text data much easier to edit, I think it does open doors for internationalisation.

  3. The ‘music collection’ looks great! It’s exactly what I could use 🙂

    I hope it will not only show missing albums, but also if you are missing tracks (eg you have a different release without some tracks, or you accidentally deleted – or mistagged – some tracks)

  4. I’m excited about Music Collection too! Just what I needed 😉

    Congratulations to all!

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