MetaWeb signs up for our live data-feed

I’m pleased to announce that MetaWeb has signed our live data-feed contract and is now a customer of MetaBrainz and thus a supporter of MusicBrainz!

MetaWeb operates FreeBase, the open, shared database of the world’s knowledge. MetaWeb will be using the MusicBrainz live data-feed to add music metadata to FreeBase. Previously, MetaWeb contributed to the MusicBrainz by sending Chis Maden to the MusicBrainz Summit #8.

Thanks for all the support MetaWeb! Big thanks go to Robert Cook, Paul Davison, Chris Maden, Tomi Pierce and Patrick Tufts (the latter two have moved on from MetaWeb, but were instrumental in getting MusicBrainz support in FreeBase).

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