Looking for free hosting for a UK MusicBrainz Mirror

Powernet in Milton Keynes is currently graciously hosting our UK mirror, but unfortunately that free ride will soon come to an end. Thus, we’re looking to find a new home for a 1U server in some colo in the UK. The mirror does not take too much bandwidth at the moment — if the bandwidth goes above a 500kbit/s I would be greatly surprised.

If you have some spare space in a colo in the UK and would like to help out by hosting a mirror server, please leave a comment!


UPDATE: The UK mirror will go away tomorrow, Nov 8 at about Noon, local time.

4 thoughts on “Looking for free hosting for a UK MusicBrainz Mirror”

  1. You could ask as250.net — never worked with them, just stumbled upon their site some time ago, but doesn’t look too bad.

    Also the German provider bytecamp.net offered free hosting for open source projects once upon a time, don’t know if they still do and if mb applies, but you could ask at opensource@bytecamp.net.

    And then there’s jpberlin.de, they do free (I think) hosting for political projects. Well, mb isn’t really political but asking won’t cost you anything 🙂

    Oh, well, and isn’t last.fm located in London? Maybe they can help out.


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