TRM acoustic fingerprint: Your days are numbered!

Now that Picard QT has entered Beta testing, the TRM server is officially on a 90+/- days notice!

The TRM acoustic fingerprints have been less than effective for quite some time and about 18 months ago we implemented MusicDNS’s PUID fingerprints in Picard. Now that we have a user friendly tagger that can replace the Classic Tagger we’re going to pull the plug on the TRM server in about 90 days. More specifically, we’re going to turn off the TRM server after the next schema change release, which is currently scheduled for early 2008. During this release we’re going to remove the TRM tables from the database and shortly thereafter we’re going to flip the switch on the TRM server — this may happen as early as February 1st, 2008.

What does that mean for you? If you use an application that uses TRMs, such as Amarok, Classic Tagger or iEatBrainz, please migrate to an application that uses PUIDs instead. Amarok can be compiled to use PUIDs and Classic Tagger and iEatBrainz will be replaced by Picard QT.

You have been warned!

4 thoughts on “TRM acoustic fingerprint: Your days are numbered!”

  1. Noooo, it’s not nice!

    Install on OS X still takes hours and results in unstable buggy application.

    Picard’s workflow is horrible! You can’t leave it to scan large collection (if 20 albums is “large”…), because long list of badly-matched albums becomes unmanageable — lots of scrolling, hidden files and Picard is still happy to assume that 10 files in one folder can belong to 5 different releases of same album!

    Lookup in Picard is hard and even if I find album, I have to drag files around the superlong list (unsortable in version that compiles on my machine).
    I can leave Classic Tagger overnight will all my files, review it. To fix albums I can sort files by album name then just click, click, click and be done.

    PUIDs still make small fraction of TRMs.

    OK, How about deleting TRMs from tracks that have PUIDs? And deleting all TRMs that don’t uniquely identify tracks?

    I hope that would keep TRM server alive at least until PUIDs DB grows and Picard gets decent workflow or a replacemnt?

    (BTW: this comment system wraps everything in one line :/)

  2. This is a sad day for me. Picard Tagger is basically useless for me.. I generally have individual tracks instead of albums, which makes the interface nearly useless for me, especially if I am trying to add content while tagging..

  3. Picard’s workflow is one of the most awkward, convoluted pieces of garbage that I’ve ever seen. I know that you all hate TRM, but for the love of Pete, find a way to get it to work! Picard is unbelievably bad, and I won’t use it.

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