Next server release: October 7th

After completing a slew of new features and a many more bug fixes, we’re finally ready to schedule the next server release for October 7th. For more information on this upcoming release, please see our updated preliminary server release notes. We still have a handful of small bugs to attend to before the release, but the major bugs have been addressed at this point in time.

We’re asking people to come and help us test this release on the staging server — if you find problems, please enter a bug report to let us know about the problem.

Thanks to Lukáš, Murdos, Acid2 and Jugdish for contributing towards this server release! (Its good to see five people hacking on one release!)

One thought on “Next server release: October 7th”

  1. Yes, good to see so many devs there! The times when it looked like Rob would be the only person hacking on mbserver are not that long past.

    So, feel very welcome from an oldtimer who does not show up as much as he’d like to anymore. And please, add yourself to so that people know your faces (and you get your share of the fame 😉 )


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