Call for testing for next server release

The MusicBrainz server devs (Lukáš, Murdos, Acid2 and myself) have been busy hacking on new features and fixing bugs for the next server release. While we’re not quite ready for the next release, we are starting to narrow down what will be in the next release and could use your help in testing these new features.

In particular we have the new folksonomy tagging feature (tag your favorite artists, releases, label and tracks like ready to go and would like to get your feedback on how to integrate the new feature better into our web pages.

Also, please help us test various bug fixes that we’ve made.

But, like I said, we’re not ready for the next release. I personally still have a lot of open bugs I intend to tackle, and Lukáš is working on merging another feature or two from other SVN branches. But we are far enough along that we could use your feedback. Also, since some features are still in flux, we’ve also not set a firm date for when we’re going to push this release onto the main servers — at this point we’re shooting for some time in September.

For more details on what we’ve done and where to test, please see our preliminary release notes.

7 thoughts on “Call for testing for next server release”

  1. Great news and great work. I will test the webservice part of the tagging feature as soon as I find some time.

  2. Any chance that bug #2761 – “Indexed search does not find artists if their name contains accented characters” will be fixed? It is major usability problem for non-English searches. Regression.

  3. The only reason why I asked actually, is because the CSS’ification wasn’t listed at all in the release notes, yet I could tell that it was on the test server still.

    Thanks, though.

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