11 thoughts on “Jamendo cover art now live!”

  1. No, you can just add the link to the Jamendo release page, MB will fetch the correct cover art then.

  2. I mentioned the same to ruoak in IRC. I’d suggest the coverart AR go to the image directly, as specified by the AR. However, it does bring up a missing AR, and not the first time I’ve seen a need for it recently – a release-url version of the artist-url and label-url AR we currently have: “has (official) site at”. I suggest all three urls ought to have the “official” part become a checkbox option, however, as I know of many former labels, or defunct artists, where there is a “unofficial” page maintained by the former members.owers – or even for active bands, as in, say, They Might Be Giants, where there’s one or two “official” sites, but also a few “unofficial” official sites – one step below official, one step above “fansite”.

    outsidecontext: Having the AR point to a site, rather than a image, breaks the AR as implimented, and as described in the wiki. It also breaks such things as the Picard coverart plugin.

  3. BrianFreud: I fully aggree on your opinion, I’m pretty surprised that the Jamendo cover art works like this (I was for using the Jamendo API to simplify things in some way, but not for overloading another AR).

    But as far as I followed the discussion in IRC yesterday about cover art this seems to be intentional.

  4. Would this allow 3rd parties using brainz as a data source to use this artwork on their sites?

    If so would they need to link to jamendo?

    or would there be a license payable?

    You see where i’m goin here…

  5. Can’t we have a “HasJamendoPage” AR that works like the amazon ASIN? You add a single Jamendo URL, the server fetches all the information (corver art, CC licence, can be downloaded at…) and shows these information without the need to reenter them all.

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