FreeDB -> MusicBrainz gateway now available!

After an extensive testing period and a long road to finding a place to host the FreeDB -> MusicBrainz gateway, I’m pleased to announce that we finally have the gateway open for business for the general public!

This gateway allows anyone on the internet to point their FreeDB enabled CD player/ripper/whatever to a mirror of the MusicBrainz data. Over the last couple of years the data quality inside of MusicBrainz has exceeded the data quality commonly found in the FreeDB project. Thus, people have been asking for a way for their old FreeDB enabled player to connect to MusicBrainz to retrieve higher quality metadata.

If you’ve been wanting to get better metadata out of your FreeDB enabled player, please take a look at our instructions for how to point your player at our new gateway. This gateway is generously sponsored by Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab. Thank you for your support!

Also big thanks for Lukáš for writing the gateway and for Inhouseuk for adopting, debugging and deploying it!

6 thoughts on “FreeDB -> MusicBrainz gateway now available!”

  1. This pleases me greatly. Now I don’t need to bother to type all my CDs in myself because I actually can trust the MusicBrainz data.

  2. is there any way I can hack iTunes to point to this instead of CDDB? doesn’t seem to be an option in the import settings.

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