MusicBrainz and agree to license terms

After it seemed likely that hell would be serving slushies before and MusicBrainz ever came to an agreement, I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of slushies in the netherworld! and MusicBrainz have finally settled on terms for the MusicBrainz data license and shook hands on the deal. Now the lawyers need to nail down all the details and then the contract will be signed.

I’m immensely pleased that we’ve finally agreed to terms and are moving forward. I’m hopeful and excited that this new partnership will prove to be beneficial for both MusicBrainz and!

18 thoughts on “MusicBrainz and agree to license terms”

  1. Yay! I might just start using again! 😀

    Does this mean they’ll have separate artist entries for when “Artist Artist” isn’t the same as “Artist Artist”?

  2. Marcel, I think they still have links taken from MB on the artist pages, they’re just hidden at the bottom of the page in light gray.

  3. Thank you Dave, I didn’t know they were moved to the bottom.

    I will change my wishes then =), I hope that puts those links in a more visible place and begins to update them again.

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