Search server update

Searches have been re-enabled. Thank you for your patience during the downtime.

Access to the search server has been reinstated, but with a much lower timeout setting. This should mean that as long as the server stays responsive, everything should be fine; but if it becomes unresponsive, that at least it shouldn’t take down the whole web site with it. Time will tell, I suspect.

One thought on “Search server update”

  1. Since search has been re-enabled has a filter been incorrectly added to cause this problem:

    (track:”Blew”) AND (artist:”Nirvana” release:”Bleach” tnum:”0″ ) AND qdur:[85 TO 88]

    was working on Friday using advanced query syntax
    but isnt returning results now, but the equivalent:
    (track:”Blew”) AND (artist:”Nirvana” release:”Bleach” tnum:”0″ ) AND qdur:(85 86 87 88)

    is returning results. I understand that Rob added a filter to exclude searches with a qdur of more than 10 seconds, but this shouldnt effect this particular query.

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