New VMWare Player image available

Rod put together the WMWare player image of the MusicBrainz server for the April 1 release. If you’re interested in hacking on MusicBrainz server code, you should start here:

  1. Download the April 1 server image
  2. Read the install instructions VirtualMusicBrainzServer

Thanks for putting together the VMWare image, Rod!

One thought on “New VMWare Player image available”

  1. Thanks for that Image!
    Unfortunately, the partition size seems to be to small to import the
    – mbdump.tar.bz2
    – mbdump-derived.tar.bz2
    – mbdump-artistrelation.tar.bz2
    – mbdump-stats.tar.bz2
    After 2 hours of importing, I get this error:
    psql://home/mbserver/svn/mb_server/admin/sql/CreateFKConstraints.sql:542: ERROR: could not write to hash-join temporary file: No space left on device.

    Any idea, how to solve this?

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