Rachel Segal of MusicIP becomes the MetaBrainz Treasurer/Secretary

I’m proud to announce that Rachel Segal has just been voted to take the Treasurer/Secretary slot on the MetaBrainz Board of Directors. Rachel is the Marketing and Artist Relations manager for MusicIP and is already quite familiar with MusicBrainz and the MetaBrainz Foundation.

Rachel Segal will be taking over the duties of the outgoing secretary/treasurer Rachel Soffa. Rachel Soffa has recently landed a big promotion which will make her life even more busy than before, thus necessitating this change.

Thank you very much Rachel Soffa and congratulations on your promotion! Thank you to Rachel Segal for joining our organization and helping out with our operations!

Google Summer of Code Projects have been accepted

I’m pleased to announce that we have accepted three Google Summer of Code projects:

  1. Using Collaborative Filtering to generate Relationships between artists for MusicBrainz by Sharon Myrtle Paradesi
  2. Working on implementing simplified NGS by Erik Dalén
  3. Improved Statistics and Trivia by Guelson Fostine

Lukáš will mentor Erik and Guelson and I will be mentoring Sharon. By accepting three of our proposals Google is indirectly sponsoring MusicBrainz with another $15,000! (Each student gets $4,500 and each mentor gets $500 per student)

Thank you very much Google and good luck to Sharon, Erik and Guelson!

Our servers are overloaded!

This weekend we’ve seen a rise in tagger traffic to the MusicBrainz site. This extra traffic is causing load spikes that give us the dreaded 502 proxy error messages. Now that the release is done I can focus more time on getting our various hardware issues solved and bring a new database server online before the load spikes return next weekend.

What can you do? There are three concrete things:

  1. Make a donation to help us cover our costs.
  2. Stop tagging for today and spend some time with your friends and family for Easter. 🙂
  3. If you must continue tagging, please use our UK mirror: http://www.uk.musicbrainz.org In the options dialog of your favorite tagging application, look for the tab that lets you set the server you’re using to tag. Enter http://www.uk.musicbrainz.org in that field and you should be good to go.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll work on this as soon as possible!

Server update has been completed!

After much work by Lukáš, Dave, Age (Prodoc) and myself, I’m pleased to announce that the main server has been updated! We now have support for DataQuality, Labels, improved cover art, track annotations and a whole host of bug reports. To see the detailed list of what things have been included in this release, please see our release milestone.

This release is significant in a number of ways:

  1. The labels feature is our first major schema extension in quite some time.
  2. Its our first schema change release in over a year!
  3. Age Bosma (Prodoc) has submitted a number of patches that were included in this release. Its great to see another aspiring developer getting code included in the main server. Well done and thanks much, Age!

Huge thanks go to Lukáš, Dave, Age for working on this release. Thank you!