Classic Tagger degraded

All the usual tricks to massage our database server aren’t helping. 😦

The problem appears to be the ever growing table of TRMs that the Classic Tagger uses. The table has gotten too big with dead TRMs and its really hard to remove all the dead TRMs. So, in order to get things back to a sane state, we’ve disabled TRM functionality and our database is now working fairly well again.

Classic Tagger users: While we figure out how to proceed, the tagger will stop working. The classic tagger will not recognize any tracks right now — we apologize for the inconvenience. At this point, please check out the Picard and PicardQT as alternatives!

Stay tuned for more details!

12 thoughts on “Classic Tagger degraded”

  1. I take it that this also affects iEatBrainz, which uses TRMs as well. Ahhh, but I see that PicardQT has an install for OS X. I’ll give ‘er a try. 🙂

  2. The TRM database was supposed to be taken offline many months ago and has been on borrowed time anyway. PicardQT is working amazing now anyway.
    “And, I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.”

    “Viva La Revolución”

  3. There’s still some of us who look forward to using PicardQT, but are looking for more stability first.

    No offense to the developers since it’s called an “alpha” release for a reason, I know that.

    The GTK Picard was/is just too much of a pain to use.

    But until there’s an official stable non-alpha release of PicardQT, the classic tagger should continue to at least work.

    I don’t care about TRMs, I never trusted them anyway. I always tag full albums anyway, so I search for the album in the tagger, get all the files to go in “unmatched” or whatever it’s called, then hand-click each. I don’t trust my tags to anything that guesses, and I’m usually the first to add the TRM anyway because of my rare tastes.

    So even if TRMs have to be shut down, at least make the tagger “work” as far as non-TRM stuff goes. I still want to be able to hand-search, find, and click-tag in it. None of that requires TRMs.

  4. By “work”, I mean when the tagger tries a TRM search, just automatically return “no match” so we can still tag. And I guess ignore attempts to submit TRMs. Neither is needed on my part.

  5. PicardQT is awfully difficult to install on OS X 😦
    * ffmpeg triggers dependency hell (300MB of archives to compile!)
    * can’t get PyQT4 to work

    Could someone use py2app and package it nicely?

  6. Getting it installed on Linux is no walk in the park either. Mostly due to it being dependant on other things which aren’t commonly distributed in distros. And those things themselves are a pain to get installed as well due to their dependencies…

  7. Grrr! I spent the better part of ten hours getting everything compiled and installed, and … while PicardQT runs on my Mac, it doesn’t actually update the metadata in iTunes.

  8. Ahhh, wait … it actually does, but iTunes’s XML doesn’t get updated. If you use Get Info and manually page through them, the metadata is read, and the XML gets updated.


  9. Pity. I hate using Picard because my digital music collection IS track-based, and anything but album-based. Oh well.

  10. I hate Picard too. Classic Tagger works fine for me, and I agree that frankly I don’t care whether it uses TRM or not, as long as it can search the database and guess by name and track number.

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