Next server release: 1 week from today

The next server update is scheduled to happen one week from today. Today Lukáš and I finished checking in changes and will now only do further bug fixes — that is if you help us find more bugs!

A few things to note:

  • Lukáš added support for track annotations and release formats!
  • Data quality changes are no longer automods for everyone. Their behavior is defined in the edit info page now.
  • Since we’ve implemented the DataQuality feature, expired edits will no longer stay open for a grace period. Thus the next time ModBot runs after the next release, a bunch of expired edits will be accepted, since all the data will be at the default level and the action for expired edits at the default level is to accept the edit! Is this really what we want? Please take a moment to review the edit info page now and make sure it all makes sense to you!

The staging server is now updated with the latest code — please come and help us test over the next week to make sure no new bugs slipped into the upcoming release.

4 thoughts on “Next server release: 1 week from today”

  1. Congratulations… Although you ran into quite a feature creep, you did manage to get it done in time. Cool stuff 🙂

    Just a little note, why don’t you use the design elements i introduced on the last server release? The /mod/info.html page looks very blunt. On top of that, it doesn’t validate as XHTML.

    Cheers, Stefan

  2. @keschte: which design elements do you mean and where are they missing? /mod/info.html is fixed in Ticket #2507 though it still needs to be applied to trunk.

  3. Sound good, can’t wait until I get to modify thousands of release events 😉

    One thing though, the statistics on the frontpage doesn’t show the number of labels.

  4. Quite some pages on the server don’t validate as XHTML, I think this isn’t the biggest problem. Alternatively it could just be turned into a wikidoc page.

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