Call for early testing: Labels

Lukáš Lalinský has recently finished coding support for Labels inside of MusicBrainz!

This new set of features allows MusicBrainz editors to enter information about Music labels (recording companies), create Advanced Relationship links to labels and also supports bar codes for releases. A lot of these features have been eagerly anticipated by the community for some time, and now you can head over to the test server to try them out yourselves.

Before heading over to the test server, you should probably read the documentation for the labels feature. As usual, if you find any bugs, please enter the into our bug tracker.

Thanks for your hard work on this exciting new features Lukáš!

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7 thoughts on “Call for early testing: Labels”

  1. Lukáš: great work! and a nice way to start the new year

    Nine99: thanks for pointing out the typo in Lukáš’ name – I’ve edited the post to fix it

  2. Many thanks Lukáš!!!

    It is a fantastic New Year present. It will keep us even more busy than before 🙂 And no more dilemma “Discogs vs. MusicBrainz” for me. I just wish both communities can join their efforts towards essentially the same goal…

    Will search by catalog number or barcode be added in this release? Mapping between DiscID and release is not supported yet, right?
    What is a planned date when we can see this new functionality deployed on main server?

  3. Brilliant! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this, me included.

    Time to take out all the old albums, blow the dust off and get editing…

    Great work

  4. labels ❤

    well done Lukáš (lukz) this is swell work. I can’t wait to go through all my cd’s and add labels, while I’m at it I might as well add the AR’s too. 😀

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