Final test for bug-fix release on Dec 17th

The next server release is finally done and ready for you to test!

All the bugs in the milestone for this release have now been fixed and are live on the staging server. This includes all the fixes mentioned in the previous blog posting on this topic and all of the pending XML Web Service bugs. If you’ve been complaining about bugs in our search, XML Web service or want to test our new freedb/annotation searches, please go to the staging server and try out the fixes/new features there.

Please take a look at the staging server soon — the next release is now scheduled for Dec 17th! If you find any bugs in this release, please enter them into our bug tracker!

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6 thoughts on “Final test for bug-fix release on Dec 17th”

  1. To which milestone should we add the bugs we find on the test server? ‘Server: Lucene-WS-Bug fix release’?

  2. I haven’t found any bugs but the search is smooth as butter now. I tried all the artists that it had trouble with before and they’re all at the top of the list now.

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