Who wants to go and have a beer… in Amsterdam?

Faced with everyone and their mom leaving town for the thanksgiving break and friend of mine and myself found some really cheap tickets to Amsterdam. So, I’m off for a week starting tomorrow — fortunately this trip is all vacation and no business. Hopefully it will be low stress, leaving some room for me to have a beer with fellow MusicBrainerz:

What: Have a beer with the MusicBrainz evil overlord

Where: Amsterdam, exact location TBD

When: Sunday, November 26th, 6pm

Who: You and any brainerz who care to sit and chat about MusicBrainz

If you’re interested, please send me an email at rob [at] musicbrainz (dot) org. If you have a suggestion on where we should meet, please send it along. If I get no suggestions, we’ll probably go to my favorite Belgian beer bar off Nieuwendijk where we had beers last time we met in Amsterdam.

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4 thoughts on “Who wants to go and have a beer… in Amsterdam?”

  1. /me wants to go and have a beer in Amsterdam – too bad I won’t be able to. I suppose I could have a beer with the MusicBrainz evil underlord, BrianG, who apparently works in Troy, NY, where I’m now relocated, but you know, really, I’d rather be in Amsterdam.

    Bodems omhoog!


  2. Too bad I’m too far away to enjoy one of theses fine dutch beers with you. Next time, find some cheap tickets for France. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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