Please come and test new and improved features

The test server has been updated and is running the latest version of the next server source code. All of the lucene/searching bugs in the milestone for the next release have been fixed and seem to be running well now. Just yesterday I finished off the bugs by adding paging to the search results and redirecting if the search results in only one hit. This should pretty much close out the outstanding searching issues.

That leaves a host of Web Service related issues that I will tackle after the Thanksgiving break (more on that in the next post).

Finally, there have been some changes with the Amazon cover-art servers. The test server is now running with the latest mappings to these servers, but we’re not entirely sure that these are all correct. If you care about Amazon cover-art working well, please take a minute and see if the cover art on the test server is working well. For this and any other issues, please report any bugs.

Currently the next release is scheduled for December 10th. If too many bugs crop up or other issues arise, we’ll hold off with the release until December 17th.

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