New AdvancedRelationship type for Transl*ated Titles

After many months of discussion, a new advanced relationship type for translated or transliterated titles has been created. This proposal hasn’t been fully implemented; a new Release Status for transl*ations that aren’t actual releases still needs to be implemented in the server (there is a vote on the Wiki for the best name for this), and there is still discussion on the -style mailing list about the need for explicit attributes marking translation vs. transliteration, but the basic AR, representing the parts of this proposal that have reached consensus, has finally reached the main server.

Thanks to everybody who participated (and is participating) in this very long and drawn out process.

One thought on “New AdvancedRelationship type for Transl*ated Titles”

  1. The RFV is over and the AR is up and running on the live server now; feel free to use the AR to tie together all those translations on MB. Best of all we don’t have to spend all that time writing up annotations that point out where the transl*ation versions are. 😉

    The wiki has been updated with the info on how to apply the AR, and the new release status is in the test server waiting for the next mini-release to join the AR on the live server. Until the new release status is up just use “I don’t know” as the release status for pseudo-versions (I guess I may as well get used to calling it that now).

    I’m sure a few discussions will come up on how this is used until we have some good examples of odd situations, but all the heavy lifting on the server end is done and in place.

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