FreeDB import broken (fixed!)

The FreeDB import feature is currently broken due to being switched over to MAGIX (whatever that means). This switch was less than elegant since it seems that the old port 888 method for retrieving the CD info and web searches have been switched off.

Currently the MusicBrainz server uses the old port 888 method, so we need to code the server to retrieve data via HTTP. has web searching features, so we’re going to be switching over to use them instead of

In the meantime, you can use the track parser to import CDs from FreeDB. Sorry for the inconvenience!

UPDATE: Seems to be working now. Let’s see if things hold.

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2 thoughts on “FreeDB import broken (fixed!)”

  1. seems to be responding to port 888 and 8880 requests again.

    It seems that you need to use the CDDBP over HTTP protocol to retrieve data from This should be pretty trivial to implement though (and seems to be the more common protocol these days, due to it working through HTTP proxies).

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