MusicIP continues to rock!

MusicIP just donated $500 to offset the cost of me traveling to the Future of Music Summit in Montreal this week! Thanks Matthew Dunn and the rest of the MusicIP team!

If you haven’t played with MusicIP’s offering, I would suggest you go check it out — their MusicIP Mixer is an awesome tool that lets you make playlists based on the acoustic analysis of your music. Its a great tool for rediscovering your own music collection!

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2 thoughts on “MusicIP continues to rock!”

  1. Yay, great!

    I’d also like to use this opportunity for thanking the MusicIP crew for the excellent service they are providing to MB users. I think nobody wants to have TRM back.

  2. I was already using MBTagger/Picard to make sure my tags were accurate and then using MusicMagicMixer to actually play my music when the partnership was announced. I was and am delighted with the partnership…it’s best of breed in both cases and I’m very excited to see what they come up with in the future.

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