Magic MP3 Tagger: Results from the first month

Matthias the author of Magic MP3 Tagger suggested that I post about the first month’s take, since it exceeded both of our expectations.

With the new links to his tagger added to the MusicBrainz site, his registrations increased significantly so that he paid us 401.02 Euro (514.75 Dollars) for the month of August alone! This is far from spare change — this nearly covers the cost of our bandwidth bill!

As our costs for hosting are increasing, I’m quite pleased to see that more money is coming in to keep our costs covered. Thanks much for pestering me about this Matthias! Three cheers to many more months of cooperation!

Returning to the land of MusicBrainz

After a much needed break and an extensive camping trip, I’ve finally returned to the land of MusicBrainz. However, instead of returning to San Luis Obispo to tackle new challenges, I’m in London this week. The BBC invited me for a few days to explore the possibilities how MusicBrainz and the BBC can work together.

While I am in London I am checking mail and catching up on the happenings of the past couple of weeks. I am also starting to think about how to solve the various growing pains that MusicBrainz is experiencing at the moment. After my break I have a much clearer view of the world and a much better head space.

Stay tuned for some thoughts on how to tackle our current set of challenges!

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