freedb and MusicBrainz in Frankfurter Rundschau online

Freedb and MusicBrainz are discussed in this Frankfurter Rundschau online article (Article is in German):

Freedb war nicht der einzige Versuch, Gracenote Konkurrenz zu machen. Zeitgleich mit dem jetzt gefährdeten Projekt startete die Musik-Datenbank Musicbrainz. Deren Gründer Robert Kaye glaubt, mittlerweile ein besseres Angebot zu besitzen. “Unsere Daten sind sauberer und umfangreicher als die von Freedb”, sagt er. “Wir geben uns viel Mühe, doppelte Daten rauszuschmeißen.”

The article almost has more content on MusicBrainz than it does for Freedb — thanks much Janko!

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2 thoughts on “freedb and MusicBrainz in Frankfurter Rundschau online”

  1. yay, first post! 😉 this is great, and i hope we can profit from other people butting their heads. There is much potential, in getting our data out to the NMTU (non-musicbrainz tagger users), to provide our data to them.

  2. Let me at least translate that bit for the curious ones. 🙂

    FreeDB wasn’t the first try to compete Gracenote. At the same time with the now endangered project, the music database MusicBrainz started. Its founder Robert Kaye believes to have a better offer by now. “Our data is cleaner and more exhaustively than that of FreeDB”, he says. “We are trying hard to get rid of duplicate data.”

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