Main server updated

We just updated the main server with the long awaited new release:

Not really new, or not so obvious features

  • The MusicBrainz web pages have been polished and cleaned to be web standards compliant. We proudly serve the pages in XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.0 compliant mode.
  • The user interface has been given a face lift and a cleaner look.
  • We have made great steps on the terminology changes, which had hung in limbo for quite some time. From now on, the term ”album” is reserved for release attributes. The albums are now called ”releases”. The same is true for the term ”moderation”: we replaced this with the more appropriate term ”edit”.
  • Lots of static pages have been replaced with WikiDocs pages. This means that most of the documentation pages displayed on this very server are no longer static html pages, but are instead content transcluded from the MusicBrainz Wiki. For each of these pages, a given revision is labeled as “official content”, and is displayed inside the MusicBrainz site. (For example, compare to If the content is not labelled as official, it can still be browsed in the same way, but will be labelled as unofficial content. WikiDocs is a huge project, and some parts will always be in the works. Please talk to the Wikizens if you’d like to contribute!

New features

  • The “Release Editor” (nicknamed “The edit page to rule them all”) replaces the FreeDB Import, the CD-Lookup as well as the “Edit all” workflows. It supports all the edit types usually applied to core entities (artist/release/tracks), including single artist conversions, various artist conversions, but also explicit changes to one track artist of a single artist release. This will allow us to more flexibly edit releases to conform to the new ReleaseArtistStyle, all in one go.
  • Timestamps on edit notes.
  • Diff display of changed titles on the voting (previously: moderation) pages.
  • Edits are linked to their respective documentation.
  • Edits show all the parent objects that are relevant for the current object (example: on a track title edit, the artist and the release are shown in the header).
  • Pending edits are shown and explained in more detail on the edit pages. Links are provided to review the pending edits.
  • The help blurbs on the editing pages were extended, and now include links to official WikiDocs documentation relevant to the current EditType.
  • GuessCase classical mode.
  • The Indexed Search was extended to include additional fields for the Artist Search. Users can choose to include artist names, sort names and alias’ for more precise search results.
  • The Indexed Search results have an additional row which allows to add the entity to the Create Relationships list. This should allow to enter relationships much faster now.

Improved features

  • Lots of fixes for the GuessCase function.
  • Numerous others: please see the closed tickets for the current Milestone and Version.

Many thanks to Keschte and everyone else who contributed and tested for your hard work on this release!

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16 thoughts on “Main server updated”

  1. I love it. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work you’ve put into this update, it’s included just about everything I’ve wished for.

  2. Maybe I’m just braindead, but it doesn’t look like you can tag tracks manually with the MusicBrainz Tagger anymore. The tag icon is gone from the track listings.

  3. New server looks great – nice to see the wikidocs really being used.

    One note – the Nabble forums are still showing the old top/left frames; see – it’s not entirely clear how they are getting that, but it would be nice to update the version they show as well.


  4. Wow, I looked at the test server but didn’t really look around… but this all looks really nice! Very clean and polished now, great work!

  5. One important feature not to forget:

    Track relationships are now shown on the release pages.

    This finally reveals all the work we’ve put into them!

  6. Nathan: I do believe that you’re right: my copy of the tagger is inoperable. I can’t even search. I love most everything about this switch—I was entering some stuff earlier today and was really impressed with the new Release Editor!—but breaking the classic tagger without warning is a downer. I’ve been working Picard into my workflow, but now I guess that I have to massively accelerate that.

  7. Thanks all for your nice feedback, i thrive on that… and sorry for breaking the tagger, this wasn’t intentional at all (hopefully we avoided nervous breakdowns with the fixes we added a couple of hours ago)

  8. Hey guys: The tagger tags now appear, but when you try to tag anything with them, an error comes up: “Could not look up track at MusicBrainz: Cannot load given album.”

    I’ll contact you guys via email so we can try to work this in something approximating real-time. πŸ™‚

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