Google pledges $15,000 to the MetaBrainz Foundation

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Google has just pledged $15,000 to the MetaBrainz Foundation!

The goal of this donation is have the foundation pay me a modest paycheck that will allow me to keep focused on managing MusicBrainz and writing more code to move the project forward. Without this support I periodically have to stop working on MusicBrainz projects for a few weeks to earn some money so I can continue to pay my bills. You may have noticed lull periods where I am not very present because contract work demands my time — hopefully we will be done with these periods. This donation will cover me for at least 6 months and by then I hope to have more data licenses sold which would keep the paychecks rolling!

A big fat thank you goes out to Google and Chris DiBona, the Open Source Programs Manager at Google. Thank you so very much for supporting MusicBrainz!

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8 thoughts on “Google pledges $15,000 to the MetaBrainz Foundation”

  1. That is rippingly cool and fantastic news! Congrats and thanks to all involved in keeping this wonderful resource alive and kicking and evolving.

  2. That is amazing news Rob. I know that you approached them quite a while ago, and I am glad to see that they finally came around! Strangely, I think you may have Google Video to thank; Google is taking a lot bigger copywright risk there than they are by supporting legitimate meta-data. I have always thought that what you were doing blended really well with their goal of trying to organize the world’s data.

    Congratulations again on the wonderful news!

  3. Congratulations!

    So it seems to turn out that you can finally make some living with the great job you are doing.

    Thanks for all the work you put into this project.
    Thank you that you always work on the stuff MusicBrainz needs most (instead of the stuff that is most fun to work on).
    Finally let me use these news to tell you that it is a great pleasure to work with you (there are not many hackers out there who can switch to a strange sociologue’s perspective with that much ease ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

  4. Congrats, Rob!! Hope we get to see you down here in Monrovia sometime…! ๐Ÿ™‚


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