Picard 0.7.0 released

Lukas finished the final round of bug reports in Picard and prepared the 0.7.0 final release. This is the first non-beta release of Picard with MusicDNS acoustic fingerprinting. The changes are:

  • Automatic identifying of audio files using MusicDNS acoustic fingerprinting technology.
  • Support for automatic translations of non-English artist names.
  • New file name format variable %albumtracks.
  • Support for connecting to the Internet throught a proxy server.
  • Option to write “Windows-safe” file names on non-Windows systems.
  • Detection of GNOME and KDE default browser settings, in addition to the BROWSER environment variable.
  • New file formats: Speex, WavPack, TTA !

Download links:

Thanks to Lukas for his hard work on this release!

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13 thoughts on “Picard 0.7.0 released”

  1. thank you much, this release is very stable and can handle some abuse. I like it loads! good work luks!

  2. Great work guys! How about some itunes style album art tagging for the next release? Will be greatly appreciated!

  3. That will not happen since we do not have the rights to do this. Amazon’s ToS won’t allow us to store the images into files.

    Otherwise we would’ve done this a long time ago!


  4. Thx for the fast reply, but why Amazon? how about user contributed images, either uploaded to the server or just user contributed links directly from artists’ website? it may start off slow and a lot of copyrighted images not available, but some is better than none, plus if it’s just linking, they won’t take up lots of space/server load and can be constantly updated by users if links are broken. Just a thought…

  5. Id also like to see the image capability (in particular, to save it to folder.jpg). But I understand the copyright/license issues etc.

    But what about allowing a plugin architecuture which basically exposes the jpg to the plugin to do what they like? The plugin iteself may be banned by amazon, but that wont stop it being distributed and used. And Musicbrainz wouldnt be at fault AFAIK.

    PS. the post delay time when you forget to fill in your email address for this blog is pretty unreasonable.

  6. Ray:

    The issue with user contributed images are the rights to use those images. No matter how you slice it, this feature could become a serious legal issue for MusicBrainz. Amazon allows us to have cover art without any legal hassles. And given that we have no money for lawyers, this is a great arrangement.

  7. I’d really like to see a Mac version of Picard! Would be willing to contribute a little $$$ if it would help…


  8. Picard is the best tool I’ve found for helping organize my 35000 songs. I do have some issues with it’s instability, (drag and drop multiple folders to the add folder, drag and drop songs from one album to another while there are still songs to lookup, un-expand the list of songs to add while it’s looking them up all cause crashes every time), but once you know the quirks that kill it, it works beautifully!

    While it is prone to crashing, consider writing a temporary structure to disk before any movement is made so that I don’t need to keep pounding your servers with my requests for a lookup… Resuming from a partial classification would be nice. Right now, I’m limiting my ‘lookup-at-once’ lists to about 1000 songs (which takes about 30 min to complete the queries), not touching the rest of the program until the initial lookups are done. This way, if I crash, I only need to wait about 30 minutes to start classifying again. It works.

    Thanks for an excellent tool!

  9. I know I’m behind the times upgrading from the beta, but I just had the ‘new’ Picard crash twice on me trying to tag my recently ripped Weird Al archive.

    It doesn’t seem to like “Even Worse” for some reason. I didn’t run into this issue with the beta, but then, I had not yet ripped my Weird Al collection. FYI and all that.

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