What's going on in the MusicBrainz community these days?

There was a very good talk about the state of the MusicBrainz community and the plans for future development on irc just now.

It went from 20:03 to 21:52 on 2006-05-04.
It started with a kind of rant by Wolfsong, developed into a discussion about what is going wrong in the MusicBrainz community these days, and led to some pretty simple steps that might help to make things better.

I just wanted to bring this to everybody’s attention, before I go to sleep. I might get to adding a short summary tomorrow, but not now, sorry.

Picard 0.7.0-beta3 released!

Picard version 0.7.0 Beta 3 has been just released.


Changes from 0.7.0-beta2:

  • support for GNOME and KDE default browser settings, in addition to the BROWSER
    environment variable (#1257)
  • fixed crashing in Pango (#1256)
  • added tport= parameter to the CD lookup URLs (#1328)
  • new code for checking user name and password that doesn’t block Picard
    when internet connection is down (#1247)
  • fixed bug that caused directory selector to become “sticky” after drag&drop
    on Windows (#1183)
  • support for Windows-compatible file names also on non-Windows systems (#1014)
  • and a couple of other minor bug fixes