Guess case for classical music

Keschte (g0llum) says:

This concerns mostly the classical editors. I’ve finally taken my time to develop the requested guess case mode for the classical style guidelines. These are mostly regular expressions which cover most of the cases that require tedious manual editing. You’ll find some of the examples I’ve worked with in the header of, please go to the sandbox and try out your titles. Feel free to enter any issues you find into the bug tracker.

Cheers, and have fun testing!


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2 thoughts on “Guess case for classical music”

  1. Thanks g0llum, very much.

    Just one thing… 😉

    Input: Cello Sonata No.5 in D major
    Output: Cello sonata, No. 5 in, D major

    Following the debug, the extra comma appers to be inserted under gc.mode_xc.runFixes()

    Again, thanks for guess case mode for classical.

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