Wanted: Documentation writer for MusicBrainz' MMD XML Schema

Matthias Friedrich just declared the MMD XML Schema to be stable. Hooray, and thanks for your hard work on creating this schema!

The MusicBrainzXMLMetaData wiki page describes this new schema, but it does not provide complete documentation for the new schema. We’re looking for a volunteer to take this page and:

  1. Describe the entire schema in english, with as little geeky talk as possible.
  2. Flesh out the existing examples and add more examples to describe the various aspects of the schema.
  3. Receive community feedback and revise the documentation

The person who decides to take this on needs to understand XML and preferably the Relax NG XML Schema language. The latter is not a must — we can help the documentation writer understand the schema, but knowledge of XML is crucial for this task.

If you are interested in helping out, please post a comment to this entry.


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5 thoughts on “Wanted: Documentation writer for MusicBrainz' MMD XML Schema”

  1. I’m pretty familiar with XML, XML Schemas, but not at all with RELAX NG.

    However, I’m willing to spend some time working on revising the Wiki documentation for this.


  2. Awesome! If you’re familiar with XML Schema, then Relax NG will actually seem pretty easy.

    Thanks for taking this on! Ping Matthias if you need help with anything.

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