A big Thank You!

I just wanted to offer a HUGE thank you to g0llum a.k.a. Keschte for all the tedious work he did in updating a number of pages (well over 100) to reflect the change in verbiage from “album” to “release” and “moderate” to “edit”. This was very time consuming work and he tackled this project along with all of his other efforts including making our site comply with web standards. If you see him on IRC be sure to tell him thanks and give him a big virtual hug.

I’d also like to thank MRudat for also being a busy bee and making lots of little edits and interwingling pages. Every little bit helps.

To everyone else contributing, thank you.


2 thoughts on “A big Thank You!”

  1. I don’t IRC much anymore, so I’ll just leave a comment: thanks, g0llum! That kind of tedium takes a special band of dedication! 😀

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