Colocation move

The move to the new colocation facility at Digital West has started! Yesterday I spent quality time with our new servers moving them into a shared rack. We’ll move the service over to these new servers in the coming few days and then we will move the existing servers into this rack as well. Hopefully ends users won’t see much change at all — we hope to limit our downtime to an hour or so while we copy data to the new servers.

Here are some pictures of the move (before we moved in, the back of the rack and the front of the rack):




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2 thoughts on “Colocation move”

  1. GREAT NEWS!! So if all goes as planned almost all aspects of timeouts and major delays should be gone completely with this triple bonus of more servers, bandwidth and new code! Just a reminder though, fix ‘dem darn’ crooked labels 🙂 So I don’t have to make the drive this time

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