Server and $1000 donated

Yesterday was another great day for MusicBrainz! We had an anonymous benefactor donate a spiffy Athlon based 1U server with 2GB ram and RAID-1 SCSI drives. Three cheers to anonymous donors!

Also, Matthew Mullenweg donated a cool $1000 to the MetaBrainz Foundation. Its not everyday that someone drops such a large donation on this project. (Hasn’t happened since Derek Sivers did it last year!)

Thank you very much, Matthew and Anonymous Donor!

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3 thoughts on “Server and $1000 donated”

  1. That’s great! Perhaps needs to be updated (Derek Sivers’s grand isn’t listed there, either, nor Giacomo Biondi Morra’s $1500). Although perhaps just a link to the “Highest Donors” page (, which is automatically maintained, would be better? I think anyone with a four-figure donation should get a special call-out on the Sponsors page, though, even if it can’t easily be automated.


  2. Correct on all counts — we’ve received help from so many people that we’re drastically behind on updating all this. I will take care of this in the next couple of weeks.

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