Two Dell Poweredge servers donated!

Halsey Minor with Minor Ventures and David Ulevitch of Freedom Networks just donated two Dell Poweredge 1750 servers to the MetaBrainz Foundation! Each of these two 1U servers clocks in with:

  • Dual 2.8 Ghz Xeon processors
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • 2 Ultra 320 36Gb SCSI drives with RAID controller

These two machines help us quite a way toward our current hardware fundraising goal — now we only need to find a beefy database server and we’re ready to migrate into the colocation facility here in SLO.

Thank you so much Halsey and David — the entire MusicBrainz community will love you for your generous donation!

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2 thoughts on “Two Dell Poweredge servers donated!”

  1. I have a spare Dell PowerEdge 2500sc chassis if you need it. It does not have a CPU, any RAM, or any hard drives. It also needs a new power supply, but ultimately, it may save you some money down the road. Just let me know.

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