Introducing: Linkara Musica

I’m immensely pleased to announce the first commercial project built with MusicBrainz data: Linkara Música

Linkara is a social networking site similar to Friendster here in the US. However, Linkara goes far beyond what Friendster has done and offers its users to connect on their interests in books, movies, and now music. Users can search for music/books/movies, rate them and find other people who share similar tastes.

Linkara is based in Barcelona, Spain and caters to the Spanish market — so be ready with your best Spanish skills when you click on the link above. I wanted to thank Tim Towle and the rest of the Linkara team for bearing with MetaBrainz as we worked out the legal contracts necessary to close this deal.

The amazing part of this announcement is that the MusicBrainz/MetaBrainz model works — it is possible to license public domain data! Even more amazing are the vast numbers of users who helped create MusicBrainz and enable Linkara Música. 183,000+ users have in some way or another participated in MusicBrainz and overall managed to not step on each others toes to create a growing database of music metadata. Thanks to everyone who has participated — this would not have happened without you!

P.S. I know that has been using the MusicBrainz data for a while now, but we still haven’t entered into a business relationship yet, so it doesn’t count. Yet.

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6 thoughts on “Introducing: Linkara Musica”

  1. Nice!

    Maybe you should ask Linkara to change their link to MusicBrainz into something like, on which people from their site are explained what they can do over here, what they should do if they see an incorrect entry at Linkara, etc…

  2. Congratulations…

    But as Spanish… I have a comment…

    These can be a source of new moderators and as Azertus says, they surely need some info of ‘hows to…’, better in Spanish, and you need to complete some lacks with the Spanish Styles (like CapitalizationStandardSpanish) if they want to add new spanish albums, or it can be called the Spanish Big Mess… (And I don’t want to do another big run over de ‘El’, ‘La’, ‘Los’, ‘Las’) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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