Releases: Picard and libtunepimp

To go along with the recently updated server, we released version 0.5.1 of Picard today. The downloads links are:

To make all the changes happen inside of Picard, we also needed to release a new version of libtunepimp:

Important note for Picard users: Picard 0.5.1 introduces a new naming variable %albumartist (and %albumartistsortname) to support the new features on the server. Individual tracks on single artist albums may now be attributed to different artists which will cause these tracks to be saved in different locations on your hard drive if you use %artist in your naming string right now. You should replace all instances of %artist and %sortname with %albumartist and %albumartistsortname, respectively, if you want to keep organizing your files in the same manner as you did prior to the 0.5.1 release.

Thanks very much to Lukáš Lalinský, for taking on this release singlehandedly!

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Changes for Picard & libtunepimp:

New features:

  • Support for album artists (new file naming variables %albumartist, %albumartistvariable)
  • New preferences dialog box
  • New option to choose the UI language
  • Support for TYER (ID3v2.3) and TDRC (ID3v2.4) frames
  • Picard now works also on Windows 9x/Me!

Fixed bugs:

  • %format doesn’t work for files without mb tags
  • WMP can’t read file tagged in utf16
  • Saving tags deletes album art and track number in iTunes
  • Opening the wrong files
  • Reload album from server” causing save problem
  • clearing the existing tags in FLAC and OGG Vorbis plugins
  • Overwriting (of X) in ID3 2 tag

5 thoughts on “Releases: Picard and libtunepimp”

  1. What is the recommended ID3 version to use? I was using the Picard default (2.4) but am now discovering that in Winamp long track names are being truncated (it defaults to ID3 v1 since 2.4 does not seem to be supported). This then messes up my audioscrobbler uploads. Do you think it is worth sticking with 2.4 on the grouds winamp and others will be upgraded (hopefully soon), or reverting back to 2.3? Can you tell me the advantages of 2.4 over 2.3? Many thanks.

    Lastly does any one know of an album art tagger which supports 2.4 tags? I love Album Art Fixed [ ] but again this does not seem to work with 2.4 tags?

  2. One tag I find is missing would be %albumtracks – ie, a total count for how many tracks are on the album. That way, if, say I have both the US and UK versions of an album, one with 10 tracks and one with 11, I could use (example is what I use for soundtracks):

    %album (%albumtracks tracks)%0num. %artist – %track

    Thus keeping the 10 track version and the 11 track version distinct. Right now, I have some albums where there are up to 4 versions, but all tracks end up in the same directory.

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