Bad news: Picard on OS X

In the last few days I’ve been playing around with Picard on OS X. After fixing a few bugs in libtunepimp that prevented it from compiling on OS X, I managed to get Picard to come up. However, there are so many UI bugs that it is essentially unusable:

  1. Drag and drop does not work
  2. Some options dialog items won’t un/check
  3. Adding files from Add Files dialog doesn’t work
  4. The UI is butt-ugly

This is the same code that has undergone a fair amount of debugging on Windows and Linux. Given that the code works fairly well on those two systems, I have to suspect the wxWidgets toolkit on Mac OS X. I looked into a number of UI bugs listed above only to be stumped by these bugs on multiple occasions. The code looks ok and works great on two platforms. No manner of tweaking the code allowed me to make any headway on any of the bugs.

My conclusion: wxWidgets on OS X, even the 2.6.x version, is still not ready for prime time. Thus, I’m sad to say, Picard won’t be coming to OS X soon. If someone has more experience with wxWidgets on OS X and would like to take a stab at looking at these bugs, please do. At this point I should spend my time on bugs that will make Picard better on the two platforms where there is hope.

I’m bummed. 😦

5 thoughts on “Bad news: Picard on OS X”

  1. Bummer dude. Creative Commons is also using python/wxWindows for version 2 of their ccPublisher, but so far they only have a developer release for linux. Maybe these two projects will provide the right amount of pressure on wxWindows to fix things

  2. Pim, have you used Piccard in Fink? Doesn’t it still have to be a supported package even with Fink?

    iEatBrainz seems to work well in osx, maybe someone could help complete it’s feature set, if it’s not there already.

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