June finances posted

I’ve finally posted the MetaBrainz Finances for June. I had to write a script that would take PayPal’s tab seperated format and crank out a QuickBooks compatible iif file. I’d rather spend time hacking on MusicBrainz proper, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

( This is one of of times where my programming skills saved my bacon. What do people who can’t program do? Lots of tedious work? )

3 thoughts on “June finances posted”

  1. Any chance of you setting up “subscriptions” in PayPal? I’d be more than happy to drop $20 a month your way if it can happen without me thinking!


  2. Will we know who is licensing the data-feed when we see the July finances? (You might want to bend the rules a bit to hide their identity).

    Speaking of bending, hope your back is okay – or was the Affinity Chiropractic item for an ergonomic chair?


  3. Sorry no. I was already planning on doing what you suggest — any money that comes in will be marked from “Mystery Customer #1”. And I doubt we’ll see that until the August finances are posted.

    And the $200 check to Affinity Chiropractic is for the office rent — MetaBrainz sublets an office from a chiropractor. I’ll have to make sure that its clearly labeled as such on the next balance sheet.

    Fortunately my back is doing fine. 🙂

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