What's up PayPal??

I’m now over two weeks behind in posting the finances for June — please bear with me, while I battle PayPal a bit. I’ve been using their export to QuickBooks feature to download the transactions for all the donations we’ve been receiving. But, for some unknown reason, that option is no longer available — only export to tab/comma delimited files, and QuickBooks can’t import those files.

I’d have to write a converter that takes CSV files and translates them into quickbooks files — something I am trying to avoid. Thus I am waiting for a reply back from PayPal about what’s going on.

If this is not resolved by next week, I’ll go write the script and get our finances back on track.

UPDATE: PayPal permanently removed this feature, with no explanation as to why — I guess we join the ranks of people who have gotten screwed by PayPal. I just wish they would’ve notified me. Grrr.

9 thoughts on “What's up PayPal??”

  1. paypal swiped 100$ from me, customer agreed to 200$ refund & pp gave 300$ refund … customer bought item sold to 100’s of other happy users and after getting our unit went & bought competitor’s unit. they even had the gaul to send ours back in competitors box less $15 worth of parts.. pp santions suck actions at sellers expense… beware you can rip anyone off w/pp… bware…

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  3. I think problem with PayPal is, that they are to big. Like other big companies in the internet business, they can do a lot without inform their customer… Imagine, if a automotive company will ever do something like this… the company will be blowed out of the market very fast.

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