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The week before last I started the process of purchasing a new computer for the new MetaBrainz office, so I ordered a motherboard combo, memory and a case from For the first 24 hours nothing happened and then they called me to upsell me better memory. Wherever Joe and David came from, I can tell you that those were not their original names — I couldn’t understand a word of the upsell, so I asked them to send me a link to the site that described the memory they were upselling.

6 hours later I got mail describing the memory, but no link to their site. They whole thing started to sound fishy, so I declined. Then they said they’d give me the better memory for free — as long as I gave them a good review. Foolishly I went for that, just to be done with it — I figured that I wouldn’t be getting any better RAM, since I couldn’t identify either the RAM I ordered nor the better RAM.

Then 3 days passed and the parts still had not shipped. I called up and asked what was up — they said the order was shipping that day. The next morning I still didn’t have a tracking number, so I decided that I was fed up and cancelled the order. I told them to cancel the order and that I’d stay on the line while they credited my PayPal debit card. They proceeded to cancel the order and then hang up on me. I called back, once again demanding to have my card credited right then, and they told me it would take 24 – 48 hours to credit the card and then they hung up on me AGAIN.

So I waited 48 hours and no credit showed. No phones were being answered — all I got were full voicemail boxes. I told myself to wait until monday (today) before dealing with this again, and this morning the credit showed up. Finally. I guess I got lucky this time…

So, the moral of the story is: DON’T BUY FROM COMPU-TERRA.COM!

12 thoughts on “Don't buy from!”

  1. Wow — their rating at was 4 out of 5 stars. I left a less than glowing review on resellerratings — thanks for letting me know about this site. I’ll be using it in the future!

  2. Ooh. Thanks for letting me know about that site. It looks they were trying to boost their ratings back up in december but gave up. A “Great” in the middle of a hundred “Very Bad Service”

  3. Thanks for the tip. We have been scammed before by a similar website and now we buy only from respectable websites.

  4. Hey mis amigos… If a deal sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS. Do NOT “DEAL” with any of these overseas companies. Pay a little extra and stay within the U.S. where my buddies in the FBI can keep track and more easily prosecute the con artists. And, YES, buy only from REPUTABLE sources. Personally, I prefer ZTIGER DIRECT because whenever I have had a problem they NOT ONLY WERE COURTEOUS but also checked with me afterwards to be sure that everything was fixed correctly and to my satisfaction. (I occassionally order small quantities of a dozen or less from them for charities and local schools – something that they are even told about, they just handle me as they do any of their customers – and the only occassional problems that I have had were due to the Fed Ex or UPS oafs dropping or otherwise damaging the goods. And Tiger Direct ALWAYS saw that I was “made whole.”)

  5. You should check out Newegg and Bzboyz – Newegg has many many things and bzboyz is perfect for pc upgrades. I never bought from this cmputerra but funny how two sites look similar. I think they maybe same site, but i checked they are not – is in california. Anyway – One thing I like about bzboyz is they ship fast and are cheaper than anyone else I found on net. Look, there will be some bad apples out there – just be careful.

  6. IS a US company. Their warehouse is in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. Near Cleveland. I know this because i drove there today and it’s a very very shady looking warehouse with a locked front door. No customer entrance… just a locked front door to a warehouse. From what they told me over the telephone I have to order the parts online then come to pick them up at the warehouse. They said they would call me the next day and tell me when it’s ready. I have never made a purchase from them but i don’t think i will. I will continue to stick with and even if compu terra is a local place and usually cheaper by %10-20+.

  7. I just went thru the same problem. I think that we need to get our cases together and file a formal complaint with the OHIO STATE DA. I already called them and they sent me the forms to fill out.
    You would also need to file a complaint in your state.
    It is very important to have all the documentation at hand between the parties (JOHN Q CUSTOMER x COMPU TERRA). That includes phone calls (from your phone bill) e-mails received and sent.
    We have the power to shut them down.
    Maybe a class action suit would be nice too.
    I left a big negative for them too, and will post another if I can.

    Keep me posted

    every rule has an exception…

  8. I’ve got another case, same story. Order, runaround, shaddy upsell, still no delivery…

    I’m in.

  9. I ordered a motherboard CPU combo from them two weeks ago. The day after I ordered it somone called me to confirm the order and as of yet iv only recieved two emails saying that they are processing the order. I don’t know if I will have the same problems you guys are having but if my order doesn’t ship by the end of this week im gonna try to file an item not recieved on my credit and hope I get my money back.

    All the links on the site are down and the only two numbers I have to contact them are to two full voice mail boxes. I think I do want to cancel my order reading what happened to you all but I can’t because there is NO way to get in contact with them. It is teh suck. Should have stuck /w newegg.

  10. I bought a motherboard/cpu combo here. It did last a year, but now its fried. Doesnt even look like their site exists anymore. NEVER buy from

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