Mailing List Summary: 2005-05-21

Summary of Recent Mailing List Discussions, compiled by Matthias Friedrich (yalaforge) and Alex Dupuy

“Your weekly guide to the discussions on the MusicBrainz mailing lists.”

  • AR: Covers and Composers
  • AR: Vocal styles
  • SURGE submissions ‘bot
  • Testing of new server release
  • Style Council founded
  • Sortname style
  • Style Council organization

AR: Covers and Composers
The was some talk about how the “original performed by”, “was composed by”
and “was arranged by” link types should be used. Matthew Exon created
a wiki page that sums up the discussion and Don Redman provided some
background information on another wiki page.

AR: Vocal styles
The discussion of AR vocal styles continued into this week and several people agreed on a “spokenword” vocal attribute, but not much else.

SURGE submissions ‘bot
John Carter (zeroGravitas) pointed out that there is a new submissions ‘bot user from SURGE, the radio station of Southampton University (UK).

Testing of new server release
On the mb-devel list, Matthias Friedrich put out a call for testing the new server release scheduled to go live tomorrow, Sunday, May 22.

Style Council founded
Tarragon Allen has resigned from the post of the style dude. As a
followup, the Style Council has been founded. A new mailing list
for style-related discussions
is now open to the public.

Sortname style
The new mb-style mailing list got started with a bang as Dylan Steinberg (steinbdj) opened the contentious issue of Sortnames—old issues were rehashed, and some new ones proposed. The discussion is still active, but it’s not clear if a concrete proposal (or consensus) will emerge.

Style Council organization
In addition to the discussion of Sortname style, Dupuy and Don Redman exchanged opinions on the organization of the Style Council, finally reaching violent(?) agreement on the basic initial structure, described on the Style Council wiki page.

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