Virtuosa/FunVibes sponsors MusicBrainz

I’m pleased to announce that FunVibes, the makers of the Virtuosa all-in-one jukebox program have sponsored the MusicBrainz project. FunVibes made a $1500 sponsorship contribution to the MetaBrainz Foundation during our first fundraiser. In exchange for this sponsorship, we’re going to have a Virtuosa jukebox button on the MusicBrainz website for six months. MusicBrainz will also now receive affiliate fees for sales of the Virtuosa jukebox generated through the MusicBrainz web site.

Giacomo Bondi Morra, the CEO of FunVibes will also join the MetaBrainz Foundations advisory board, which will be formally created later this year. Finally, FunVibes has issued a press release announcing the sponsorship of MusicBrainz. This extra press will help MusicBrainz gain more exposure for its ongoing fundraiser. (I’ll post a link to the release once I get one)

We hope to bring on more sponsors like FunVibes in order to get the non-profit bootstrapped and on solid financial footing.

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