The MetaBrainz Foundation launches!

After many months of hard work, the MetaBrainz Foundation has been launched! We have just issued a press release to announce the foundation. I am excited to announce our all-star board of directors: Director Dan Brickley of W3C Director Cory Doctorow of Electronic Frontier Foundation Director Joichi Ito of Neoteny Co. Ltd. Director Lawrence Lessig … Continue reading “The MetaBrainz Foundation launches!”

After many months of hard work, the MetaBrainz Foundation has been launched!
We have just issued a press release to announce the foundation.

I am excited to announce our all-star board of directors:

In the past few weeks a number of people have gone through great lengths to help me launch MetaBrainz. I’d like to thank: Dave Evans, Matthias Friedrich, Alex Dupuy, Gavin Clarke, Don Redman, John Carter, Nikki and Tarragon Allen. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Read on for the full press release!


Contact: Robert Kaye (+1) 805.459.0815 (



SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. April 19th, 2005 — The recently formed MetaBrainz Foundation assumes the stewardship of the open-data MusicBrainz Project. The MetaBrainz Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation, was formed to give MusicBrainz a solid legal footing for executing upcoming business relationships. The move to create a corporation is necessary as the MusicBrainz database grows and matures and corporations take notice of the premier alternative music metadata provider.

The board of directors for the new corporation includes the following noted professionals:

– Dan Brickley, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

– Cory Doctorow, Electronic Frontier Foundation

– Joichi Ito, Neoteny Co. Ltd.

– Robert Kaye, Chairman and Executive Director of the MetaBrainz Foundation

– Larry Lessig, Stanford Law School and Creative Commons

This strong board of directors gives the foundation access to a far reaching network of professionals that aid the organization in achieving its goals. Coinciding with the launch of the non-profit, the MetaBrainz Foundation starts its first fundraiser, which aims to raise $25,000 and increase the awareness of the project. This money will be used to bootstrap the foundation and to fund the operations and further development over the next six months. After six months, the foundation anticipates enough income from commercial data licenses to sustain operations.

Shortly after the launch, the MetaBrainz Foundation will offer licenses for its live data feed to customers who wish to use MusicBrainz data in their commercial offerings. The live data feed enables customers to maintain a continuously updated copy of the MusicBrainz database that is never more than seventy minutes out of synchronization with the main database. The data continues to be freely available for non-commercial uses both in its twice-weekly snapshot form and its live data feed. Corporations interested in licensing the data should consult the MetaBrainz web site or contact the Foundation directly.

MusicBrainz fosters a community of volunteers who contribute their knowledge about music to the project. Using MusicBrainz’ peer review system, volunteers carefully groom the database to maintain a high level of accuracy and remove data redundancies. The database contains information about artists, albums, release dates, tracks, audio CD identifiers and acoustic fingerprints for tracks.

Recently, the MusicBrainz project released its much-anticipated Advanced Relationships feature that allows users to contribute detailed information about musical works and artists. These expanded capabilities can capture all of the credits that are typically printed in the liner notes of an audio CD, as well as data found in comprehensive musical biographies or discographies:

“With Advanced Relationships, MusicBrainz expands its data coverage beyond basic metadata and sets its sights on becoming a user contributed music encyclopedia. The project can now capture more information ranging from common knowledge to obscure facts about music. We are finally ready to incorporate the detailed information that users have been clamoring to contribute.” said Robert Kaye, the Executive Director of the MetaBrainz Foundation.

Strong growth in the user base and data size of the project shows that the Internet community has embraced the MusicBrainz project. With 100,000 registered users and 3 million tracks in its database, MusicBrainz emerges from its infancy and charts a new direction towards building a comprehensive music encyclopedia. MusicBrainz aims to collect information on all styles of music from all cultures around the globe, and make this information freely available to the general public.

# # #

Current database statistics (as of April 15th):

151,141 Artists

254,895 Albums (unique)

3,130,780 Tracks

3,416,520 Acoustic fingerprints

1,887,239 Moderations (changes/additions to the database since inception)

101,118 Registered users

More information:

· Robert Kaye contact: (+1) 805.459.0815 (

· MusicBrainz: (mirror:

· MetaBrainz:

· Fundraiser:


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